The Gender Gnomes

The Gender Gnomes are the indie-folk-jazz-pop duo of myself and Rachel Weisbart. We write songs and perform live as both a duo, and with a full band. We love a good lyric and we're suckers for a jaunty beat.

The Triple T's

The Triple T's are a collaborative group featuring keyboardist Keith Chasin, drummer Jon Tomaro and myself.  Inspired by jazz, rock, pop, and everything in-between, we love putting on spontaneous exciting performances and putting our own spin on classic songs.

The Triple T's Were Here, our first full-length album, is available across streaming platforms.

No Commitment

No Commitment is a party band best known for headlining the annual fireworks shows in Medford's Freedom Park.  We always deliver a high energy, fun-filled show to get a crowd on their feet. Our repertoire, ranging from rock and soul classics to contemporary pop music, makes us a perfect fit for parties, fundraisers and festivals.



Pizzle and the Sizzle Sisters

Combining funk, rock, comedy and heart, Pizzle and The Sizzle Sisters bring deep grooves and witty lyrics to their performances and studio recordings. Their arrangements incorporate everything from sweet string sections, to funky horns, to distorted rock and roll craziness.